On the lookout for council jobs?

If you are keeping your ear to the ground in case any council jobs pop up in an area near you, then why not be even more proactive and get looking actively for jobs near you. We can help you be a little bit more specific in your endeavors as we point out the best places to keep on top of new job postings.

Let the Websites do the Work

There are numerous places in the UK where council jobs get posted but many of these might be in places you just don't ever look. This is why we have done some homework and found the best websites for aggregating jobs, some national and some by district, and presenting them in one simple list. This list will have jobs that are localised to your area meaning that if a position takes your fancy then it will be a suitable job that you can actually take as it is in a location near you.

Jobs Go Public is a great little website with a strong history of linking its users with real jobs. You can use their excellent Search by Sector feature which will narrow down your job hunt to the field you are seeking employment in. Visit www.jobsgopublic.com and really focus down your search to your district.

If you are searching for work in the Northwest then Your Council Jobs rounds up the latest job vacancies in 13 northwestern councils including Trafford, Wigan, Bolton, Oldham and Blackpool. Viist www.yourcounciljobs.co.uk and see if there are any positions for you.

The Guardian have a section on their website dedicated to jobs but you may not know that you can focus this job list to incporporate government and council jobs in an area near you. This jobs board is quite popular so there can be dozens of jobs at any one time matching your search criteria.

God Speed Councillor

Hopefully, with the websites that we have pointed you towards, you will be applying for council jobs in an organisation close to you. The most important thing though, is to use these search tools on a daily basis so you can get a head start and be among the first to get your application in.

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