Have you considered the council in Middlesex for jobs?

If you're interested in council in Middlesex jobs, you can find all the vacancies on the Hillingdon Council website. This is because Middlesex Council was abolished in 1965 and incorporated into the London Borough of Hillingdon.

Working with the council is highly desirable because of the many benefits you enjoy in the job. The council strives to keep its employees happy and a 36 hour working week, generous holidays of up to 36 days a year, flexible working hours and the option of a career break and working from home certainly go a long way towards achieving this.

Staff also enjoy a range of financial benefits including a local Government pension scheme, childcare vouchers, access to a Credit Union, staff restaurants and childcare tax scheme. Council workers can save 30 per cent on BUPA personal medical insurance and avail of free eye examinations and flu vaccines.

Hillingdon Council is a fantastic place to secure a job and they will offer you every support to develop in your career. You get access to a wide range of training and courses, with a discount provided for adult education courses run by the council.

You can complete the entire job application process with Hillingdon Council on their website. Social care jobs are very common and, as required by law, anyone working with children and vulnerable adults will need to provide their entire work history, along with their CV, when they're applying for a job. Salaries for social care jobs with the council are quite competitive and are usually in the £25k - £35k bracket.


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