Council in London job search is a great idea for job seekers

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City of London Corporation is one of the biggest employers in the city, and a fantastic place to work. If you're successful in your council in London job search, you qualify for a range of superb benefits including staff discounts on services and leisure activities in the city, a childcare voucher scheme, a family advice service and a local authority pension scheme.

Many of the jobs with City of London Corporation are based in the Square Mile area of London, while Epping Forest in Essex, Ashtead in Surrey, Heathrow Airport and Sheerness on the Thames estuary are also areas where employees of the council are based.

The place to begin your council in London job search is on City of London Corporation's website. You can download a recruitment pack from the website, which will give you all the information you need for applying for a position with the council.

You can complete the entire process of applying for a job from City of London Corporation online on their website. There are always diverse positions available with the council, and could range from an electrician to a library manager.

City of London Corporation employees are well paid and have the advantage of a secure job. Many of the management positions with the council will pay over 35k, while admin workers can earn over 25k. One requirement for employees of the City of London Corporation is a clean criminal history. This is the case for all public sector jobs in the UK.

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