Looking for Costa Coffee jobs? Check this out

While we in the United Kingdom don't seem to love our coffee quite as much as they do across the pond in the United States, there has certainly been a marked increase in the number of coffee stores cropping up in the last few years. One franchise in particular that we've been seen plenty more of in recent times is Costa Coffee. As one of the newcomers to the market, we have decided to take a look at what you can expect from Costa Coffee jobs.

By taking a look at the company website, located online at costa.co.uk, you'll be able to find out plenty of information about the company history, its success, and how they plan to build for the future. If you like what you see, then you'll have the chance to take a look at the careers section to see the jobs that are available right now.

At Costa Coffee there are two main staff distinctions - in store staff and behind the scenes staff. If you are interested in working with the general public, while also getting hands on with the coffee making equipment on a daily basis then we recommend you pay particular interest to the in store roles. These positions tend to pay between £5.93 and £6.40 per hour, and require you to be outgoing and friendly.

Alternatively, you could take a look at the behind the scenes positions. The wages in these roles can vary dramatically depending on the kind of work you're doing, and they are usually reserved for people who have two to five years of previous work experience in a similar position (management, supervisory, administrative etc).

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