Find Cork part time jobs today

Forget everything you've been hearing in the media about there being no jobs at all in Ireland because those of you looking for Cork jobs part time should be able to find something to keep you ticking over with this helpful guide. Now, we know that it's not going to be easy, the huge numbers of unemployed people throughout the country is testament to that, but if you're willing to soldier on through the search process, while putting in all the effort required, you should have no problem being successful in the end.

You may well need to re-evaluate your expectations for Cork part time jobs however. If you're expecting to find yourself a cushy office job for a multinational company three days a week or something along those lines, you need to get real. It's simply not going to happen in this current economic climate.

It's far more likely that you'll be able to find work in the retail sector, as an entry level sales assistant or cashier. It may well be a far cry from what you had been hoping for, but with so few opportunities available you'll need to decide between making minimum wage of €7.65 per hour and making nothing at all... we know which choice we'd make!

The best way to find these part time retail jobs in Cork is to check out the local shopping centres. With so many different stores in each, they're perfect for handing out CVs in. Simply pick the stores that appeal to you and be sure they land in the hand of the relevant manager. It's easy.

To make your life even easier, we have listed the most popular shopping centres in Cork below;

  • Mahon Point Shopping Centre
  • Paul Street Shopping Centre
  • North Main Street Shopping Centre
  • Merchants Quay Shopping Centre

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