Let us help you find Cork jobs in Ireland

With things the way they are right now in the Republic of Ireland, you would be forgiven for believing that there were simply no jobs, and that no options are now available for Irish residents. This common misconception is one that many people hold, often due to the fact that they believe everything they read in the media.

There are actually quite a few Cork jobs in Ireland available for those of you who are flexible and realistic in terms of the type of work that you expect to find given the state of the economy in Ireland right now.

For the most part, these positions come within the retail sector. In order to be successful in your search for these positions, it will certainly be helpful to have previous work experience in the field, however this is not always necessary, especially for part-time positions.

There are a number of ways to search these retail positions in Cork, but one thing we recommend you avoid using the internet in order to search for retail jobs. While the web is a great tool for job seekers, the majority of retail-based positions never make it as far as the major job sites.

Instead, we recommend you printing off multiple copies of your CV and heading on one of the shopping centres in your local area in Cork. By doing this you will be able to focus your attention on multiple stores within a small area, making the best possible use of your time.

In particular, we recommend you check out Merchants Quay Shopping Centre, North Main Street Shopping Centre, Blackpool Shopping Centre, Pauyl Street Shopping Centre and Ballyvolane Shopping Centre.


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