Cork city job search

Cork city is the second largest city in Ireland, home to almost 120,000 people and thousands of businesses of all sizes.

With this many potential employers it can be quite daunting trying to tracks down the right job for you. However by using smart websites that aggregate the vacancies, you can search in a much more effective manner.

irishjobs.ie is one of these sites. Its allows users to search for jobs in Cork City or region and to divide those jobs further by employer type or even role wanted. Specialising in accountancy and IT roles, the website is an excellent resource for someone trying to find the perfect job.

For people searching for part-time positions, short term contract roles and legal positions, jobs.ie is another excellent choice. By allowing users to search for roles using key words, finding a job advertising couldn't be easier.

Like every large city in UK and Ireland there are of course the same chain stores like Tescos, Argos or McDonald's among others in Cork City. For someone looking for a job in Cork city these would be an excellent first place to look.

To apply for jobs in these chain stores you should apply in person at the local branch with a CV detailing relevant experience accompanied with a cover letter. Try to speak to the manager rather than leaving your application with a member of staff.

Remember to always tailor your CV so that it fits with the job specification that accompanies the advertisement.

Best of luck with the job search!


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