The world's coolest jobs

Let's face it: many of us work hard, probably in monotonous 9 to 5 job settings, to earn a living. But there are people who have managed to shun desk jobs and have fun for a living. People who make a living by taking care of paradise islands, testing luxury beds or cycling through France really do bring the sense of “fun living” to reality. Let's look at some of the coolest jobs in the world.

Top 3 coolest jobs

Our list of top 3 coolest jobs in the world:

1. Paradise island caretaker

In May, 2009 Ben Southal from Petersfield, Hampshire, UK, beat over 34,000 applications from over 200 countries for the assignment to explore, swim and relax in a multi-million dollar villa in the Great Barrier Reef on Hamilton Island while blogging to promote the area. The six-month contract to serve as caretaker of the tropical Australian island was worth a whopping $111,000. It is not every day that people get paid to indulge in spa treatments and eat barbecue on exotic beaches as part of their day job

2. Luxury bed tester

So, what would you make of a job where you are paid to literary lie-in? This is the dream job that a student from Birmingham City University landed for herself. Roisin Madigan was paid £1,000 every day for a month to sleep in designer beds while helping with a “sleep survey” to look into what brings a good night's sleep. The sleeping beauty spent her days, from 10am to 6pm, sampling different beds for Simon Horn Ltd (a luxury bed specialists company) at the company's showroom in Edbaston. She then provided an objective view of the beds and blogged about her experiences.

3. Wine tester

If you love wine, then you probably have fantasised about tasting some (if not all) of the world’s best wines. Hardy Wallace of Atlanta, Georgia, USA was the winner of a Lifestyle correspondent contest organised by Murphy-Goode Winery in Sonoma County, California. His job entailed moving around Sonoma county (home to over 450 wineries) tasting some of the world’s finest wines, learning the intricacies of making the perfect wine and capturing and sharing the experience with his network of twitter and Facebook followers. For his efforts, he was paid a monthly salary of $10,000 and lived rent-free for six months while working with Murphy-Goode Winery.


When you mention the coolest jobs in the world, you will probably also have to mention at least one bizarre job. A TV corpse job fits well in the bizarre category. The advent of many crimes TV shows such as CSI has led to the need for people to play corpse. On the face of it the job sounds easy, but you need to have the ability to lie very, very still on set. So, what if you have to play a naked corpse? You could get very cold on set. What about if you are playing a corpse whose eyes are open? You probably would need a prolonged eye massage after shooting. Of course the job does not suite everybody, but it is fast growing as more crime shows hit our TV screens.

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