Cook up a storm in the world of catering.

Fancy yourself a bit of a Jamie Oliver or the next Gordon Ramsay? Think you’re slick in the kitchen and can whip up a mean meal for two and think that you could make money at it? In that case maybe a career in catering is for you.

With many pubs now running a full kitchen to serve meals more complicated than jacket potato and beans or a Ploughman’s platter, there is a vast array of establishments now looking for catering staff. You may want to start out by asking your local bar, pub or hotel if they have any vacancies in their kitchen (you may have to start out as pot-washer though!), or if you already have some experience or a relevant qualification, caterer.com is an agency specialising in recruiting catering staff throughout the country and abroad. Search by type of establishment, eg cruise ship, hotel, bar or even for a contract catering company and then by location to find a job most suited to your requirements.

Jobs in catering is another good website. Again you can search for a job by location or job type, and you can upload a CV and set up an alert for new job postings that match your criteria.

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