Consultant pay scale in the UK

With experience you’re supposed to earn more because you become more valuable to a company but that’s not always the case. However, if you’re a consultant, your experience and expertise is exactly what you get paid for. There are lots of different types of consultants operating right now so we’ll take you through the most common consultant pay scale in the UK.
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Management consultants

Management consultants can save firms a lot of money so they’re worth their weight in gold. These guys are much sought after when operating profits are nose-diving or when any form of crisis management is required but their expertise is also used when companies are doing well but want to improve their profitability. There’s no set amount for this type of work as the value to the client varies depending on their situation but our research shows that a Management Consultant should be on around £46,970 per year. Research shows that the amounts paid for this job vary from £29,027 to £83,847 so this is a lucrative field to work in.

Medical consultants

There’s nothing more important than a person’s health so you won’t be surprised to read that medical consultants earn masses of cash for the work they do. As with all medical jobs there’s a defined pay grade structure that determines the wage. A level 1 consultant can expect to earn £75,249 a year. Level 2 workers get £77,605. This amount goes up gradually until Level 5 (which is achieved when a consultant has 4 to 8 years’ experience). At that level the consultant can expect to take home £84,667. The next level brings a jump to £90,263, and the final level achievable gives £101,451 per annum.

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