All about construction manager jobs

Individuals working in construction manager jobs are responsible for planning, managing and coordinating building projects such as a housing development or corporate building. They are responsible for ensuring that the work is carried out in accordance with agreed specifications and within the agreed timescale. The main duties of a construction manager include attending meetings to discuss developments, providing advice and guidance to builders, ensuring that quality standards are adhered to, monitoring and maintenance of health and safety, carrying out regular checks as necessary and managing the finances of the project.

In order to begin looking for construction manager jobs, individuals need to have significant experience of the building trade, and for those who have worked in relevant roles such as an assistant site manager or quantity surveyor.

The main duties of a construction manager will consist of preparing work schedules and briefing contractors, hiring staff to work on developments, reporting to employers and employees with regards to any changes in the schedule or specification, closely monitoring costs, checking the quality of building work undertaken and managing staff. The construction manager will also be responsible for ensuring that staff and the project as a whole complies with health and safety requirements and that work undertaken meets the required building standards.

Organisations advertising construction manager jobs will be looking for candidates who have substantial experience of managing projects and people, who are organised and methodical, have the ability to lead and motivate staff throughout the duration of a project, have significant knowledge and experience of the industry and associated regulations and they are able to manage budgets effectively.

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