Where are all the Construction Jobs?

Construction jobs have pretty much disappeared in Ireland and the UK. Once the recession hit its full stride, many construction projects had to be stopped. You can see it just by looking around, cranes left unused, half built buildings, it's a real shame.

The money simply wasn't there for the projects to be completed. No one really knew the full strength of the recession, it became clearer and clearer over time. The construction sector took one of the biggest hits and is only now beginning to recover.

Seeing how popular and well-paid construction was up until a few years ago, there were many contractors, apprentices and trade's people left out of work. Apprentices and people that had just finished their study have taken pretty drastic measures. Most of them have fled abroad to look for work or to continue their apprenticeship.

For most contractors and trade's people, leaving the country isn't an option. Family ties and other factors have made it an impossibility, so many people joined the job seekers queue.

Job Centres were so over-run with people that it was making placement very difficult. Many people had to just take what they were given and try to get by.

These factors are what drove the construction industry into the ground in the UK and Ireland. Finally, there are some signs of light again. Jobs are starting to become available and some lucky people are getting out of the job seekers queue and back out working.

While there are very few jobs around it is a good sign that things might start moving, slowly but surely.

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