New Opportunities for Construction Jobs in Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes is an area undergoing rapid growth and development, meaning opportunities abound for construction jobs in Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas. Several new development initiatives and construction projects will provide vacancies and career opportunities within the area for the next several years.

British Rail National Centre

A new national centre for British Rail is currently under development in Milton Keynes. Construction of the structures are expected to be completed by summer 2011, when cladding, glazing and the external fit-out is expected to begin. Construction activities will continue through 2012 and numerous vacancies exist for experienced construction workers.

Construction Jobs with Milton Keynes Council Housing Strategy

The Milton Keynes Council strategic housing initiatives have developed plans for new home construction to meet the region's housing needs. Work has begun on various brownfield sites in the area -- construction vacancies remain available -- and more development is planned over the next five years. A quick internet search reveals a plethora of bricklayer and hod carrier vacancies.

Milton Keynes Partnership

A long-term vision for the growth of Milton Keynes has been developed by the Milton Keynes Partnership -- a conglomeration of local government entities, voluntary and non-profit companies as well as local businesses. The partnership planned major infrastructure development through 2031, intended to provide growth to the area and transform the region into a major hub for business and leisure. Such massive-scale development will provide ongoing construction jobs in Milton Keynes for the next two decades.

Expansion of Schools, Leisure and Sports Facilities

Construction workers are also needed for ongoing building work on schools and sports facilities within the region.

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