Construction Jobs in Australia for Non- Citizens

With many countries experiencing a serious decline in the construction industry, Australia is a valid option for those seeking employment as casual workers or those with various qualifications.  Carpenters, plumbers, block-layers and plasterers are all considering the land down under as a viable option for work.

Construction jobs in Australia for citizens are plentiful, but there is also demand for casual and part time workers.  Around 40% of construction jobs are outside of the state captials, with the vast  majority of work being available in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland.

For those who are on limited visas or looking for temporary work in the construction industry there are great opportunities to make the most of your time down under. Besides the obvious trades associated with the construction industry many trades are also listed on the Australian Government's Occupations in Demand list making skilled migration or employer-sponsored migration very possible.

There are hundreds of opportunities advertised online. Everything from supervisor to apprentice carpenter is there for the taking.  In the Sydney Morning Hearld, for example, you can apply for many construction industry jobs. 'CARPENTER TEAM to construct frame roof, extension, Hurlstone Park'. This kind of work would be short term, but ideal for those of you who are looking for constructions jobs in Australia but are not citizens.

If you have decided to take the big leap, be sure to check out http://mycareer.com.au/, http://www.seek.com.au/construction-jobs/.  Here you will find not only actual job vacancies, but invalualbe advice regarding housing, travel, banking and advice and tips about salaries.

Also don't forget, there is a massive network of immigrants already working very sucsessfully in the construction industry in Australia as citizens and casually, so make sure and connect with them.

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