Finding a construction job in the UK

Every year the construction industry creates approximately 90,000 jobs in the UK.

The UK construction industry consists of over 300,000 firms employing over two million people in a multitude of roles. The industry has been enjoying a period of growth with the infrastructure and the commercial construction sectors at the forefront.

The task of building the London 2012 Olympics is providing employment for approximately 30,000 construction industry workers.

In the construction industry the sky is the limit. Whatever level you start at, if you have the determination and put in the hard work then a construction job in the UK could be just for you.

If you have good manual dexterity and the willingness and ability to do work, then you might consider doing an apprenticeship for a construction industry trade.

Nearly 50% of employers in the building services engineering industry take part in the modern apprenticeship scheme. Alternatively you can study full or part-time courses in a variety of construction related fields from crane driving to structural engineering.

Whatever your level of experience or qualification, you can find a construction job in the UK advertised daily in both local and national newspapers. Recruitment agencies like Hays Construction specialise in finding people permanent and temporary construction jobs in the UK.

Job seekers also have a variety of construction industry websites available to them. JobSite.co.uk is an award-winning job search and jobs by email service for the construction industry.

Constructor.co.uk are continually recruiting experts in construction. Construction Jobs UK provides up to date information on all sorts of construction jobs from trades to management.

The construction industry offers people a broad range of opportunities. Finding a construction job in the UK can provide you with a challenging and rewarding future.

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