More building cuts!

It seems that no one is safe from this recession. Everyone in any job is taking huge hits but it has to be said, none worse than the construction industry. It was one of the first to really get hit and since then it seems to keep getting knocked.

Building sites have become ghost towns and most construction workers are jobless. There is no one looking for buildings and most of the projects that were being worked on have been cancelled. It just seems that the builders can't get a break.

Many building firms have been clinging on to what they have but as each year passes they lose more and more money. As you can expect many of these firms have started dropping like flies so most of the U.K construction workers have gone abroad to try and earn a living.

There are still plenty of construction jobs in Europe but the UK and Ireland are literally dead; not dying, dead. What's worse is the constant decline. You would have thought they couldn't go lower but it just seems to keep happening.

With many future jobs cuts in store for whatever construction workers are left it is apparent that construction is among the worst affected by the recession.

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