Construction engineering summer internships

Engineering summer internships

The field of construction offers a varied and challenging experience for graduates. Unless you are office based, you will often deal with a variety of people in your scope of work. Try applying for one of the following junior positions:

  • Engineering draughtsman
  • Site supervisor
  • Assistant engineer

What does a draughtsman do?

He drafts out the design given to him by a certified engineer on computer through a software programme called AutoCAD (computer aided design). He then prints out the drawing in the office and revert them to the engineer for checking. Once the drawings are approved, the draughtsman stamps each of the drawing and the engineer (I.R) signs on each one. Salary starts from 18,000 pounds per year.

What does a site supervisor do?

He works for the main contractor and is site based. Sometimes, he travels to the office to clarify on paper work. He supervises and co-ordinates the works of various subcontractors and reports to the site manager. Salary starts from 21,000 pounds per year.

What does an assistant engineer do?

He assists the site engineer on record keeping and on coordinating the site works. In this case, he is mostly site based and while having his own transportation is not necessary, it is handy. He may need to travel to the office, go for factory visits and so on. He will liaise with workers on site, staff in his office (such as the purchaser) and staff from other companies (such as suppliers). Salary starts from 30,000 pounds per year.

Sites to go to

  • Hays.co.uk/enhance-your-career/engineering-jobs
  • Targetjobs.co.uk/career-sectors/civil-and-structural-engineering


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