Things looking up for Construction and Engineering jobs

Construction and engineering jobs promise a good and rewarding future with increased opportunities and prospects. Students are lured into the profession with the promises of excellent growth and fulfilment along with challenges of career that makes it an extremely rewarding experience. You can also explore other related areas like design engineering, structural engineering, infrastructural engineering, commercial heating engineer and others.

Job Description: - The main job of a construction engineer involves development, design and construction of the concerned projects. However, the parameter of safety, time management and resource management plays a crucial part in the job. The job also includes a broad range of professional expertise areas and the nature of job varies with experience. In case of those in the entry level are also required to analyse the topographical information. With a strong understanding of science and Math, they will also be required to design structures using software programs and construction codes.

Educational Requirements: A Bachelors degree is what you need to get started, especially ones based in science or math. The curriculum generally presents a mixture of mechanics, design and construction management along with general math. A graduate degree in civil engineering or engineering management is also taken as a possible option. Professional Engineers’ license is an absolute must and exams like Principals and Practice in Engineering Exam and Fundamentals of Engineering Exams needs to be cleared.

Responsibilities Included in the Job: The job holds a lot of responsibilities and involves loads of critical thinking. Safety is the most important thing that plays a crucial part here. The other important thing that must be taken care of is the general cleanliness and sanitation of the site. Keeping track of budget control and quality management along with keeping pace with the construction schedule is needed. Supervising procedures along with putting the proposals together is important.

Job Prospects and Salary in the UK: - With a strong cyclical variation, there is now a great demand for the construction engineers. With promises of new and revived economy, there is an increase in job prospects in the area like Bedfordshire, Bath, South East England, West and East Midlands region. The average salary solely depends on the years of experience under the belt. However, studies reveal that the average salary ranges from £29,500 to £30,000. This slab is definitely much higher when you have 14 to 20 years of experience and then your salary goes up to as much as £38,500 per annum.

Where to look - There are various agencies that can help you with your job hunting. To start with, it is essential that you have your CV ready with all experience that you have in the related field. However, the best place to look for them still remains the internet, where you would come across better options. The popular choices remain:

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