Construction Jobs available abroad

Job seekers realize that construction jobs abroad can offer better opportunities than local employment. Construction projects usually need people that possess different kinds of skills. Seasoned construction workers know the kind of life to be expected in other countries: It means constantly moving at the termination of one project to a new one. Some projects last for years while others are short-termed. Despite this shortcoming, it is a stable source of income.

As one of the world's leading employers, the construction industry has constantly been demanding skilled workers despite the economic recession. It seems that the country's economic problem cannot stop buildings and other structures from rising. There will always be slots opened for qualified workers.

Job opportunities abound in many countries; among the bustling markets for work in construction abroad are: Russia, South Africa and the kingdoms in the Middle East, such as Dubai and Kuwait. These countries are investing billions in the development of their medical, tourist and housing facilities. A Construction boom has been gripping Dubai as mega projects and mansions are rising from the desert.

Job opportunities for construction abroad are limitless. The classified ads are filled with available positions like manual, technical, specialists and managerial levels. Recruitment agencies are found on many parts of the globe and for a fee, they are willing to assist job seekers in finding construction employment abroad. You can search and visit their websites for inquiries.

There are American based companies that send construction workers to handle overseas projects. Among these companies are the following:

  • A. Jones, Inc. is a construction company in the United States with offices worldwide. It does commercial, industrial, military and government construction projects.
  • Conoco Phillips is an international integrated energy company, operating in more than 30 countries. A member of the Chugach family of companies, it offers overseas jobs.
  • Louis Berger Group, Inc. provides engineering, architecture, program and construction management, environmental planning and science, and economic development services worldwide.
  • Foster Wheeler USA Group is a global engineering and construction contractor and power equipment supplier.
  • S B Engineers and Constructors, Ltd. is a fully integrated engineering, procurement, and construction company that services a diverse set of industries.

The United Kingdom maintains reliable references about jobs in the internet. You can refer to:

  • GovernmentJobsDirect┬áis linked directly to career, jobs & vacancy pages on the websites of 336 UK government, civil service and other public organizations
  • Direct.gov.uk is a list of government department and agency consultation websites.
  • Industry-Recruit.co.uk is the biggest job website covering over 30 sectors. Its displays regularly updated vacancies through out UK.
  • Totaljobs is a very busy site carrying an average of 30,000 jobs from major industry sectors.

Construction job prospects are very bright since the growth of tourism and transportation industries in many countries will bring corresponding increase in building hotels, housing and transport facilities. This means more workers would be hired overseas to insure completion of the projects on time.

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