Where can i find concrete finisher jobs in ireland?

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Whatever part of Ireland you live in these days if you are looking to find work in construction it is extremely difficult due to the global recession they unfortunately find themselves in. We have realised this and if you are looking for concrete finisher jobs in Ireland we have done up this blog that will hopefully give you a bit of insight in how to go about finding the jobs.

Fas is the National Training and Employment agency in Ireland and they do have concrete finisher jobs advertised from time to time so they could be worth checking out. They are easy to use just type in your occupation and the location where you seek work and their search engine will give you instant jobs if there is any available. This could put you on the way so check them out on www.fas.ie today.

Another website worth checking out is www..irishbuildingindustry.ie where you will find a list of concrete companies and their details so you can contact them then to see if there is any available positions. Roadstone, Cemex and Quinn Cement supply the concrete and they too could be worth checking because they do have people asking them from time to time as well.

Your local newspapers, national papers and the radio are also worth keeping an eye and ear to because they too could have positions advertised.

Salaries for the concrete finisher these days in Ireland are no longer what they used to be so instead of 1000 euros a week like some people got in the boom you can expect now to earn between 4 and 5 hundred euro.

We hope you have found this blog useful and hope it gets you finishing concrete in the near future thanks for reading and good luck with your job hunting.


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