Using computer training online to boost your career

Today online learning is taking the hassle out of further education. You no longer need to attend evening classes after work to get ahead. Computer training online allow you to study in your own time and at your own pace.

Learn Direct

Learn Direct is a non-profit making organisation that offers more than 800 online learning centres in the UK. Since the year 2000 more than 3 million people have used Learn Direct to gain new vocational skills and nationally recognised qualifications in maths, English, IT and other subjects. Vocational courses include business and administration, customer service, health and social care, team leading and management. Government funding is available if you are unemployed and on benefits which could make the course free of charge. There is no set time limit to the course. Learn Direct take into account your personal circumstances and agree an end date with you when you begin the course.


If you are clear on the type of job role that you are interested in or would like to develop your skills within the sector that you are already working within, there are lot of different companies you can train through. IT professionals should consider Computeach as their distance learning course cover topics like networking, programming, database administration and web design.


Over the last 10 years 65,000 learners have benefited from Vision2learn. Anyone living in England who is over 19 years old can apply to study through Vision2learn. Vocational course include Essential IT, Business and Administration and Edexcel Work Skills. As with the Learn Direct courses, these course are eligible for government funding.

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