Computer games tester jobs: an overview

If you love videogames, this may be your dream job. It may sound too good to be true, but there are actually computer games tester jobs out there waiting for you. What sort of qualification are required? None, really. Patience, ability to meet deadline and work under stress, hands on experience and a good level of computer knowledge is what it takes. A brief guide to the position and some useful links to help you getting started.

Quality check

What does a computer games tester jobs consist in? Mostly, this role is related to pre-marketing quality check . Before a game is released for sale it must be tested in all its aspects and levels, in order to eliminate any program bugs and make it as user friendly as possible. Also, spelling mistakes in packaging and manuals must be kept in check, as well as copyright issues, regarding the logos for instance.The computer games tester (also known as quality assurance or Qa technician) works for the developing company or for a tester company and his role is to play the games many times in order to spot any bugs and mistakes, report them and make sure they get fixed. Also, the computer games tester will be able to feed back his opinion as a user, about the game's playability and ways in which the games can be made more appealing to the public. In doing this, the computer game tester should be able to make comparison with other games available on the market.

Testing games is a very popular way toget your foot into the computer games industry, so if you are aimingat becoming a programmer or 3d graphic artist, you may well considerstarting with a computer games tester job.

No formal qualifications are required when applying, as the employer will be more interested in your playing skills and knowledge. However, if you have some basic programming skills they could be an advantage to you as you would be able to consider the game from the programmer's point of view as well the player's.

Hours can be long and often unsocial, weekend and evenings for instance, when deadlines are approaching, which can often be the case. The ability to work well under pressure is a must. Starting salaries can be between £12,000 and £18,000 a year, raising to £25,000 to £30,000.

Things you can do to improve your chances in trying to get computer games tester jobs:

  • join dedicated forums on social media sites, you will make contact with people from the industry, find advice, hearabout opportunities. Best sites for this are the ones linked to gamedevelopment companies and games publishers
  • keep yourself updated at all times, by attending games events,trade shows and expos and reading gaming magazines and websites.

Finally, some useful links to get you started with the right foot:




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