Competency Questions Focusing on Developing Others

Competency questions are one of an interviewers most powerful tools to get an insight into a prospective employee. There are many common questions that focus on communication, past performance and teamwork but recently there has been a growing number of competency questions focusing on developing others that you have worked with in the past. We will take you through the most common competency questions focusing on development.

Various Development Competency Questions

All employers would love to hire a person that will not only work hard for them but will also invest their time and energy in the staff around them. This has a positive knock on effect that really impacts on a firms overall productivity. If an interviewer can get a sense in an interview that you are someone that can develop other employees around you then you will score major brownie points and put yourself in pole position for the job.

One group of common competency questions that focus on developing others include asking about how you would develop a replacement for your position or how you previously developed a replacement in your past job. You can also be asked about a colleague or subordinate that you helped to improve as a result of mentoring. Interviewers will look to get a sense of how you develop others from asking about times you motivated employees that were clearly underperforming in their roles.

Another common angle taken by interviewers is to ask about how you fostered potential that you identified in your previous subordinates. This question focuses on developing others but also on your general awareness of they types of personalities around you. Feedback too has a big role to play in deveolpment of staff and expect to get some questions about how you have provided feedback to staff you've helped to develop.

Best Response

It is vital that when you are faced with these competency questions on developing others that you clearly express how you contributed to the development of people. This can be most easily captured by measuring a persons performance on the same task before and after you helped them improve their skills and reporting this difference to the interviewer.

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