Company Christmas party speech ideas

The company Christmas party is an occasion when someone gets too drunk, a couple gets too cosy and someone else makes an idiot of himself. Your company Christmas party should be a fun occasion but you have to remember that essentially you’re still at work so be prepared if you’re going to be asked to make a speech. We’ll give you some general company Christmas party speech ideas that will work no matter which industry you find yourself in.
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General template

You’ll need to mention some names, give some idea of how well the year went and give an indication of what will be expected in the following year, but aside from that most of the other things you’ll need to say are very general so you can use the following as a template.

Begin with something like this, assuming it’s in keeping with the year you’ve had: “It's been a difficult year but I'm proud of what we’ve accomplished as a team.”

Your next line needs to take you out of the equation and address the team: “Thanks to you we'll be going into the new year stronger than before so we can build on our accomplishments from this year and look forward consolidating our position next year.”

Assuming you’re only carrying out a small speech, perhaps a toast at the start or end of the Christmas party, you should end with something simple like the following: “Let’s celebrate our achievements together.” Whatever you decide to end with remember it’s Christmas so add: “Merry Christmas” to the end.


Adding in some humour is ideal but it might not work if you’re not known for it. Your delivery is also important with a joke, so if you’re going to be a little worse for wear when you make the speech, take out any little comments as they may sound like jibes rather than quips.

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