Companies offering cleaning employment opportunities in Dublin

Companies offering cleaning employment opportunities in Dublin are normally "contract" cleaning companies, which is great news if you're looking for a cleaning job. Contract cleaning companies are employed by other companies to take care of their cleaning tasks and the contract cleaning company will allocate a certain amount of cleaners to each site. Although a contract cleaning position may not cross you mind as the ideal cleaning job, there are actually a few great advantages to this kind of work, such as:

  • Constant vacancies advertised by each company. Everytime contract companies for cleaning in Dublin secure a new deal they have to allocate new cleaners to the site; if they don't have enough cleaners they'll have to hire new staff.
  • Part time hours, flexible shifts and additional work is often available. You could find yourself covering for someone else frequently or gain a few extra hours by working for an additional site.
  • Holidays which are easier to take, as the company is able to put another cleaner on your site quite easily if they employ a lot of cleaners across the country.
  • Vacancies all over Dublin, which means it's more likely to find work ideal to your location.

However, the major disadvantage with contract cleaning companies in Dublin is the hours you'll be expected to work. They're normally not unsociable hours but it's very likely you'll receive no more than part time pay per week; hours are split between sets of cleaners if a site requires a lot of work to reduce the cleaning time needed to allow the employer to reduce paying tax on full time employers. If you're looking for full time vacancies then contract companies for cleaning in Dublin might not be ideal.

List of Contract Cleaning Companies in Dublin

Clean Scape, www.cleanscape.ie/: 44 Beau Park Square, Dublin, Co. Dublin City, 086 311 1589 Mauds Merry Maids, www.merrymaids.ie/: Main Street, Dublin, Co. Kildare, 087 320 3201 Grosvenor Cleaning Services, www.grosvenorservices.ie/: Sandyford Industrial Estate, 64 Heather Road, Dublin, Co. Dublin City, 01 295 4866

Hibernian SecuriClean, www.hiberniansecuriclean.com/: 38 Camden Row, Dublin 2, Co. Dublin City, 01 478 3000 Clean My Home House, www.cleanmyhome.ie/: Studio 123, 103-105 Rathmines Rd. Lower, Dublin, Co. Dublin City, 01 406 5426   

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