Community manager free courses

Today the role of the community manager is far more important for a website than ever before. As social media continues to evolve and to reach more people, the role will no doubt expand and involve more responsibility. There are lots of paid academic courses you can take but are there any community manager free courses available?
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Community Roundtable

A comprehensive curriculum is available from various websites that will help you to understand the role and give you the tool necessary to get yourself a position with a major website. The Community Management Advanced Skills Certificate Program offered by communityroundtable.com appears to be tailored to American websites but if you’re working online in the English language, you’re opening up more opportunities if you embrace US-based sites. You’re looking at a cost of $350 at the moment for this type of course so you’ll need to be committed to a career as an online community manager if you’re going to pay out that sort of money.


You’ll find all sorts of interesting information about the type of work a community manager carries out if you check out womma.org. WOMMA stands for Word of Mouth Marketing Association which seems like a very appropriate name for an organisation dedicated to advancing social media management. If you’re sure that this is the career path for you, why not become a member of WOMMA and get access to partners, clients, and experts who can help you on your way to a new career?

Free courses

At the moment there doesn’t appear to be any free courses but you can use the following sites for tips and advice that will ultimately help you on your way. The Guardian masterclass sites (theguardian.com/guardian-masterclasses) offer advice on being a community manager along with links to various articles on the subject which will also help you gain an understanding of what’s involved. Although Gigaverse isn’t as well establish as The Guardian, their site gigaverse.com also offers lots of handy hints and practical advice.

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