Community jobs in Birmingham can offer a rewarding career

Community jobs in Birmingham can offer more than just a paycheck. Working for your local community can be very rewarding. Knowing that what you are doing each day enriches the lives of your hometown can provide a lot of satisfaction. Even if you don’t work in the town you live in, you know that you are helping to keep a community running smoothly.

Types of Community Jobs

Community jobs, like those in Birmingham, are the same as they are in the private sector for the most part - unless you fill the office of mayor or other city official. Even with that, you could look at the mayor as being the CEO of a regular business. Jobs working for the community include, secretaries, sales executives, software testers, support workers, electricians, plumbers, cleaners, librarians, teachers, child care workers, police officers, firefighters, and the list goes on. They also include full and part time, permanent and temp jobs in Birmingham.

How to Find Community Jobs

When looking at Birmingham careers, one of the easiest ways to find employment is by using the Internet. Most communities have a website and by going directly to the Birmingham city council website and clicking on the ‘Council Jobs’ link you’ll find a list of current openings. Other options are to search recruitment agencies for community jobs. Networx Recruitment and publicjobsdirect.com often have listings of job openings for community-based careers.

What Kind of Salary to Expect

Of course, this will depend on the type of position you are qualified for and your past experience. However, here are a few positions and corresponding salaries.

  • Community Support Worker: working with disabled: £7 – £7.50 hour
  • Electrical Maintenance worker: £13.60 hour
  • Regional Service Director: £60,000 – £80,000 year
  • Home Care Assistant: £5.95 hour
  • Graduate Consultant: £20,000 year

If working for a local government appeals to you, then looking into community jobs in Birmingham may be well worth your while.


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