Communications assistant: Duties and responsibilities

Communications assistants are charged with the overall role of promoting the desired public image and branding of organisations. They use their interpersonal, media relations and office skills to provide communications as well as administrative support to departments of organisations. As a communication assistant, you will typically report to the communications director.


The responsibilities of communication assistants are to effectively coordinate office activities and manage dissemination of information within and without the organisation. Additionally, communications assistants support sales initiatives, fundraising efforts and media coverage.

The day-to-day duties associated with these responsibilities include:

  1. Preparing organisational press releases, reports and other presentations and ensuring the accurate of these documents
  2. Taking note of important public relations information during organisational strategy meetings and filing documents
  3. Planning and scheduling events, meetings and appointments
  4. Reviewing communiqués
  5. Creating and managing databases and spreadsheets
  6. Preparing agendas
  7. Conducting research
  8. Managing projects, and
  9. Operating office equipment.

Specific duties may include:

  1. Creating content for the organisation’s website and keeping the website updated
  2. Producing the organisation’s newsletter and other print material
  3. Promoting company awareness and visibility using social media
  4. Maintaining staff calendar, and
  5. Processing invoices

In order to meet the duties and responsibilities of the assistant, you will need certain skills and competences. Among the skills you will need are:

  1. Good writing and speaking skills for effective communication
  2. Good time management and organisational skills to effectively handle large work portfolio
  3. A keen eye for detail to pick-up even the smallest detail within communication portfolios
  4. Excellent people skills for inter-team and intra-team working, and
  5. Ability to multi task and handle pressure.


Employers usually require a bachelor's degree in communications or a related field as the basic educational requirement for this position, although a diploma in mass communication may suffice for entry-level positions.

Prior experience working with the media is always a plus when applying for a communications assistant job. Moreover, strong writing and computer skills can go a long way in ensuring you land the job.

Career prospects

Communications assistants find employment in a variety of settings, including health agencies, non-profit organisations and private companies. The average salary of the assistant is roughly £17,500 to £25,000 per year with extra allowances often awarded for executive duties.

If you have the passion and qualification for the job, this is a dynamic career path with opportunities for growth worth pursuing.

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