Best colleges in London

There are plenty of colleges in London so let's take a look at each one in a little bit more detail. Knowing what a college has to offer is key to making a decision do commit yourself to a course for a number of years there.

First on the list is University College London. UCL is among the world's top universities and regularly fairs well in performance in performance rankings and tables each year. Since UCL was founded in 1826, 21 Nobel prizewinners have come from the student body so it is an institution steeped in tradition. There are currently 8,000 staff and 22,000 students. You can find out more about UCL by visiting their website at ucl.ac.uk.

Kings College London is another top institution in the heart of London. Founded by King George IV and the Duke of Wellington in 1829, KCL has since grown to become one of the world's leading research and teaching universities. The student body is made up of 12,320 Undergraduates and 6,310 Postgraduates. For more information visit kcl.ac.uk.

The University of London was established in 1836 and now represents the largest university in the UK by number of full time students with around 135,000 campus-based students. It is made up of of 19 self governing colleges and 10 smaller specialist research institutes. These colleges set their own entrance criteria for their courses and as such effectively act as individual colleges. Visit london.ac.uk to find out more.

For information on other colleges in London and the services they provide, visit londoncolleges.com. There are well over 50 colleges in the city so be prepared to do some research on which one is right for you.


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