Information on colleges in East London

There are a number of high quality colleges in East London but which one is the one for you. Here we give you a quick run down of the top schools and what they offer. This will hopefully help you make a solid decision when choosing your college to study for the next few years.

East London College is a top school offering sound education and practical knowledge that will help you in your future career. Founded in 1995, East London College has developed powerful ties with both the British academic and professional bodies.

East London College is affiliated with UK Exam Bodies for all of the courses they offer so you can get a top quality and accredited qualicication at the end of your chosen course. Check out their website at eastlondoncollege.com for more information about courses and qualifications that appeal to you.

Another of the established colleges in East London is the the University of East London. Situated nicely in Newham, it caters to more than 26,000 students both full-time and part-time. Their schools offer some of the most innovative and employer-friendly courses in the UK covering areas such as Business, Computing, Education, Health, Bioscience, Law and Psychology. Visit uel.ac.uk/ to find out more and see if you would like to study there.

Finally, the College of East London completes your options in East London. Located in Mile End, the College of East London offers a wide range of both full-time and part-time courses in Business Studies, Computing, Hospitality and Tourism, Health Care, and English. They run both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Visit collegeofeastlondon.co.uk/ to find out if they have the ideal course for you.

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