We look at whats on offer at the City College of Further Education in Plymouth

These days an ever increasing number of adults are making the decision to go back into education in order to prepare themselves for the inevitable upturn in economic conditions in the United Kingdom. By attending courses to build up the relevant skills and abilities to take them even further in their career, they are safeguarding their future against any more financial crises like the one from 2008 that is still affecting us to this day.

If you have considered taking this approach, then you might be interested in what's on offer at the City College of Further Education in Plymouth. Located on King's Road, Devonport, the City College has a wide range of courses available for adults seeking to return to education. It doesn't matter how long it has been since you left school, their courses are based around real world learning and you should have no problem readjusting to the learning environment very quickly.

You'll be able to choose from evening courses, apprenticeships, foundation degrees and part time courses, as well as having potential access to higher education courses on completion of your course. Entry requirements range from none right the way up to 60-120 UCAS tariff points, advanced diploma, NVQ level 3 or relevant work experience, so there's something there to suit everyone.

If you would like some more information about the courses on offer, as well as the financial side of returning to college, you can check out the College website at cityplm.ac.uk or give them a call at 01752 305 803 today.


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