Need help looking in Colchester for vacancies?

At times job hunting can be a very stressful and time consuming ordeal. This is especially true at the moment because more and more people are becoming unemployed, but there is a serious lack of jobs being made available. So if you want a head start on the competition you need to look in the right places. Here we examine where the best places are in Colchester to find vacancies.

The main source of employment within Colchester is the local council, the British Army (the town plays host to a famous military Garrison), Essex University, a number of supermarkets and high street shops. Small business retailers are particularly successful - with there being over 200 independent traders active within Colchester. The retail industry in Colchester is also one of the largest in the UK making it an ideal area for anyone who wishes to have a career in this industry.

The tourist industry also provides a great deal of employment to the area. This is in no small part down the attraction of Colchester Zoo and Castle. For anyone interested in working in the cultural sectors there are a large number of museums and galleries located in the town.

However if you find that your job search has become too stressful to deal with by yourself, we would recommend getting in touch with a recruitment agency. There a number of such agencies within Colchester. These include:

  • Adecco, 6 High Street, Colchester, 01206561 295
  • Pyramid Recruitment, 125 High Street, Colchester, 01206 579833
  • Top Job, 1st Floor, 1-2 High St, Colchester, 01206548421


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