Clifford Chance cutting their staff

In the last two years alone the Law group that go by the name of Clifford Chance have cut 12% of their staff. They are a global company but hold their base of operations in London. It is one of the largest firms in the world and up until 2009 things were still looking good.

Thanks to falling revenue ongoing throughout the recession they have had to cut 15% of their partners. Couple this with two years of cutting staff and Clifford Chance are in a pretty bad way.

The remaining partners made no effort to protect the Clifford Chance employees by dropping their profits. What they actually managed to do was stay afloat by cutting as much staff as possible. I'm sure that went down great with the staff, does job security exist anymore?

It seem that the staff was grossly mistreated and many people have lost their jobs thanks to this. It is understandable that a company has to do what it can to survive when in a recession. If there are other options open to you other than axing 12% of your staff then every effort should be made to do so.

There has since been many arguments about the tactics used in keeping the company profitable. Clifford Chance have also managed to keep the backing of the remaining partners.

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