We can help you find cleaning jobs in Wrexham

We often hear people complaining that there are no jobs to be found anywhere in the United Kingdom these days, however those who are willing to take a look in as many places as possible will no doubt realise that there are actually plenty of positions available out there in the cleaning industry.

If you have never considered working in cleaning jobs in Wrexham before, then we recommend you give it a little thought. While there is no denying that the work can be hard, and the hours quite anti social, there are so many positions available out there that the earning potential might just surprise many of you.

Entry level cleaners with little or no experience can usually expect to earn in the region of around £6.00 per hour. Those who have worked as professional cleaners for at least two years can usually earn between £6.20 and £6.95 per hour, and those with managerial experience have been known to earn in excess of £8.20 per hour for their work.

As a professional cleaner it is very likely that the bulk of your work will come from commercial companies. Since the majority of businesses tend to outsource their cleaning work to other companies, it pays to get on the books of one of the many excellent Wrexham cleaning companies or cleaning agencies.

If you aren't sure of which companies are the best to get in touch with, we recommend the following ones;

  • Clwyd Cleaning Services, 9 Jarman Avenue
  • DSB Cleaning Services, 43-45 Rhosddu Road
  • Jupiter Cleaning Ltd, 43 Wilkinson Drive
  • N S Cleaning Services, 45 Coed Efa

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