Cleaning jobs in Lewisham

Lewisham is a district in south London with a population of approximately 250,000 people. The borough offers a wide range of retail, commercial and entertainment services. There are many cleaning jobs in Lewisham offering full-time, part-time, evening and temporary employment for people from all walks of life.

Many Lewisham based businesses employ the services of a cleaning agency. Finding a job with a cleaning agency in Lewisham is a good way to secure long-term employment. Some of the cleaning agencies who operate in Lewisham include, PSR Agency Ltd. and Selclene (South East).

Candidates can apply for cleaning work using the job page of these companies websites. Alternatively you can approach the agencies directly, expressing your interest and previous experience.

Hotel room cleaners, domestic housekeepers and cleaners can find work on sites such as jooble.org.uk and gumtree. These sites offer a job search and job by email service to suit candidates skills and requirements.

Job centres, community centres, local radio stations and newspapers are some of the other resources individuals can use to find cleaning jobs in Lewisham.

Lewisham has 49 community centres and cleaning jobs are advertised regularly on noticeboards. Newspapers like The Lewisham Mercury advertise local cleaning jobs in their classified section.

In addition to placing adverts, many individuals will use an agency to screen and recommend candidates for cleaning vacancies. Randolph recruitment is one of the better agencies and job seekers can submit CV's online at their website.

Cleaners provide specific services to match clients requirements and cleaning jobs in Lewisham provide a diverse range of employment to match most jobseekers lifestyles.

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