Are cleaning jobs available if you aren't fluent in English?

It might seem tough to get a job in the UK if you're not fluent in English. Here are a few tips to help if you're interested in cleaning jobs available for non-fluent speakers...

Office cleaning

One of the jobs that has stayed on the market in these difficult times is office cleaning. Regardless of how many people on a company's staff are laid off, the office still has to be cleaned. If you are looking for a job and are not fluent in English this is one that is secure as long as you prove you are a good worker and reliable.

Cleaning offices for a large company will involve working in a large number of offices and often on more than one floor. There is more to cleaning than just emptying waste baskets and dusting the desks. It requires knowledge of different cleaning products and how they work on different types of furniture and floor finishes. You should be able to demonstrate this without being fluent in English.

Cleaning houses

If you want to get a job cleaning houses, get a friend who is an English speaker to create a simple business card and a flier or a brochure that details your services and your prices. You can then distribute them door-to-door in an area where you want to work. You can also take them to real estate offices and request that the brokers hand them out to clients. Pin your card on community bulletin boards for greater exposure.

Good service

When doing a cleaning job, it's important to provide a good service and a friendly attitude. This can be done without being fluent in English. Go the extra distance every time you clean a home and your clients will recommend your services to their friends. You'll soon have more jobs than you can complete.


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