Interested in cleaner jobs in Wicklow?

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Cleaner jobs in Wicklow are a great way of opening up another income stream. And it helps that cleaning services are in demand in a wide range of businesses and homes in the county, including leisure centres, offices, schools and libraries.

For this kind of manual labour, you don't need a high level of qualifications and experience isn't essential either. All that matters is you're an efficient and effective cleaner.

You can find cleaner jobs in Wicklow on a large number of recruitment websites. Jobs, Irish Jobs and Indeed are just a few of the sites where you'll find hundreds of vacancies for cleaners.

The first thing you should do when you're using recruitment websites is upload a CV. This will not only allow you to apply for vacant cleaner jobs, but will also put you in a position to be headhunted by employers in the cleaning industry. You can also register for email alerts of vacancies that become available for cleaners.

There is a large number of cleaning companies operating in the Wicklow area and no harm can be done by contacting them directly when you're looking for cleaner jobs. East Coast Cleaning, Fast Cleaning Service and The Real Cleaners are a few of the larger companies who you could drop a CV into.

Of course, there are limitless opportunities for independent cleaners in Wicklow. If you have the necessary tools, you could start your own cleaning business. Put an ad for your services in local newspapers and on websites, such as Gumtree, and just wait for the calls to come in.


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