Start earning money with cleaner jobs in Oxford today

With so many businesses based in and around the Oxford area, it's not surprising that the number of commercial cleaning vacancies is always on the increase. However, for some reason it seems that many people are wary of starting out in this career. While it certainly isn't the glamorous role that many people had in mind for themselves, it certainly is a good, honest profession that will enable you to make enough money to keep yourself going in a time when there aren't all that many jobs available.

With so many people out of work these days and jobs at a premium, we recommend you take a look at cleaner jobs in Oxford in order to get yourself back on solid financial footing. You're not going to need any previous experience in order to get a cleaning job, however it would certainly be helpful to have an idea of what you're doing.

If you do have previous experience, you can expect to earn between £6.50 and £6.90 per hour for your work, compared to the £5.93 that inexperienced staff can earn. While those of you with previous managerial experience in the cleaning industry can increase your wages even further to earn around £8.50 per hour.

Your best chance of finding cleaner jobs in Oxford will come through the many commercial cleaning agencies and companies in the area. In order to make your life a little bit easier, we have included some of them below for your convenience;

  • Oxford Cleaning Company, 451 Cowley Road
  • H & D Cleaners, 5 Saint Luke's Road
  • All Brite Cleaning, 63 Williamson Way
  • AIMHIGH Cleaning Services, 2 William Street
  • Oxcleaning, 1 Bobby Fryer Close


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