Civil Servants jobs 2015: Civil Service Fast Stream programme explained

If you’re thinking of moving into a civil servants job, perhaps you’re thinking about the advantages that working for the government has over working in the private sector. Stuff like workplace pensions that contribute more than the standard rate and better job security could be enough to take you from the private sector and into civil servants jobs in 2015. If you’re thinking that way, what are your options?
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Police Officers and workers in the NHS are not considered civil servants. Parliamentary employees and local government employees are also not categories as civil servants. Only workers for central government are given that title. The following positions are all available in the Civil Service.

  • Corporate Finance Profession
  • Government Communication Service
  • Government Economic Service
  • Government Finance Profession
  • Government IT Profession
  • Government Knowledge and Information Management Profession
  • Government Legal Service
  • Government Occupational Psychology Profession
  • Government Operational Research Service
  • Government Planning Inspectors
  • Government Planning Profession
  • Government Property Profession
  • Government Science and Engineering Profession
  • Government Social Research Profession
  • Government Statistical Service Profession
  • Government Tax Profession
  • Government Veterinary Profession
  • Human Resources Profession
  • Intelligence Analysis
  • Internal Audit Profession
  • Medical Profession
  • Operational Delivery Profession
  • Policy Profession
  • Procurement Profession
  • Project Delivery Profession

Where to look

The best place to look for work is civilservicejobs.service.gov.uk. You’ll find a job search function there but you’ll need to register to make the most of the site. Once you’ve got a login from the site you’ll be able to apply for civil servant jobs, get job alerts and create a job basket.

Fast Stream

In an effort to snare the best candidates the government has created a fast-track programme for graduates. Fast Stream is part of the reason why the Civil Service is regularly ranked in the top 10 of The Times Top 100 Graduate Employers list. If you’re accepted, you’ll find that responsibility comes quickly and with it you’ll get a wide range of experiences that’ll set you up for a great career. Salaries are between £25,000 and £27,000 a year, which can go up to £45,000 after 4 to 5 years. You’ll find more information at gov.uk/faststream.

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