How to gain civil engineering work experience

Designing and calculating

The best way to gain civil engineering work experience is by working in a consulting engineering firm. You will then be in charge of designing. These designs are based on your calculations. The designs that you have drafted are passed to the draughtsman who reproduces it on computer through a software programme called AutoCAD (computer aided design). An engineering graduate earns from 23,000 to 26,000 pounds per year.

What do I design?

For housing, you typically design beams and columns. There are also drains, road works and so on in a housing area. What you design depends on the company you are working for.

Who approves of these designs?

The person who approves the designs and calculations by signing and stamping on the blueprint drawings has an IR preceding his name. He has passed the required professional engineering papers and is registered to a body of professional engineers.

How do I become an I.R?

You need an engineering degree and a log (or diary) of your engineering working experience for the minimum number of years required. This log is signed by your superior, an IR himself. If you only have a diploma, you need to pass more professional papers.

What else do I do?

Your work involves more than designing. You deal with a variety of people outside of your office such as the client or developer, authorities, contractors and other consultants. As a consultant engineer, you report to the client. You hold regular meetings with the client, contractors and other consultants for co-ordination purposes.


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