We take a look at the City of College London

As one of the major education establishments in the London area, the City of College London offers one of the best educational experiences for students of all ages and from all walks of life. The College excels in the fields of business, management, computers, information technology, accounting, finance, hospitality management, travel, tourism, health care, social care, media and communication, so you're likely to be covered whatever your preferences.

The College also offers a range of excellent continued professional development courses, designed specifically for those who are currently working but who would like to enhance their skills and qualifications with a relevant course. This can often help people work towards promotions, or even brand new jobs in their chosen field.

One of the things that the City of London College is perhaps best known for, aside from its wide range of offered courses, is the friendly and supportive atmosphere found throughout the campus. Whether it's faculty or fellow students, you're always going to have someone there who is willing to give you a helping hand in order to get you through tougher times.

It doesn't matter if you've been out of education for a while, as is the case with many people returning to school during the harsh economic times, because the courses are built in such a way as to be accessible for everyone.

An astonishing 90% of City of College London students go on to find work or additional education within six months of graduating from the college, and you could be the next one. For more information simply log on to clc.london.ac.uk.uk today. You'll find everything you need to know right there.

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