City jobs - Advertising agencies

Do city jobs sound busier than other kinds of jobs? Does it make you think of advertising agencies? What does an advertising agency do anyway? It helps clients to advertise their business in different media such as print (magazines, newspapers, billboards, etc.), television and so on.

Jobs in advertising

The Creative department

Here, you can find graphic designers, web designers, art and creative directors, copywriters, photographers and so on.

The graphic designer designs the layout and basically, the graphics. The copywriter on the other hand, writes the copy. They work together to create effective advertising materials for their clients.

Advertising agencies often create websites for clients too. This is where the web designer comes in. Once again, the copy is in the charge of the copywriter.

In cases where agencies hire freelance copywriters and photographers, where minimal copy is required, the owner of the agency himself takes on the task. Otherwise, the work is outsourced.

The Sales department

The key person here is the Accounts Manager (AM). The AM is the liaison between the agency and the client. The AM is also the liaison between any outsourced freelancers and the client. This person ensures that the advertising materials produced are what the client is looking for.

What is the working culture?

Advertising agencies are generally busy. Creative staff and the AM often work late, especially when they are involved in a rush job. A rush job is when a Client hires the agency at the last minute; the job must be completed on a specified date soon after signing the contract.

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