City Holdings in ASDA? What an Employment Opportunity!

When City Refrigeration Holdings first began as a husband and wife partnership, nobody predicted the phenomenal growth that the company has experienced in the last decade or so. No longer providing technical services and refrigerators exclusively to pubs, this business has expanded its areas of expertise to include pest control, landscaping, plumbing, janitorial services and even the installing and maintenance of heating and gas appliances through its subsidiary in City Technical Services. Whether you are desperately looking for work or someone simply in need of a little cash here and there, your local City Holdings in ASDA is an employment opportunity worth following up on.


One thing you may want to know is that City Holdings is a company that has several subsidiaries. Each one will hire according to its needs. For example, since CBES primarily focuses on installing equipment, security systems, and the maintenance of both electrical and mechanical systems, they typically hire skilled trade workers while also allowing for apprenticeships. With City Facilities Management UK, an inexperienced individual will be able to get his or her foot in the door a bit easier because they do more janitorial and cleaning services.


How much you are able to make with City Holdings will definitely vary. While management positions definitely pay better, the skilled trades pay a set salary. For City Facilities Management in ASDA, cleaning positions are typically paid in the range of approximately £6.00 per hour with managers being compensated slightly over £7.40.


One of the good things about working for City Holdings as a whole is that you can work for a wide range of companies. Facility appearances matter to businesses whether they deal directly with the public or not. That being said, for cleaning type positions with ASDA you will probably be matched up with the single company and given further directions by your supervisor from there.

City Holdings is a well-managed company that has shown sustained growth over the past few years. Individuals applying for a position with them will have opportunity to establish themselves and get regular work for a long time. What with the direction some sectors have taken in recent years, job security and dependable pay is not something you can take very lightly any more.


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