City Centre in Leicester: employment opportunity with the biggest employers

If you're looking in the city centre in Leicester for an employment opportunity you're likely to find jobs in the retail sector, which dominates the town. The regeneration project which began in 2008 saw several large retailers, such as John Lewis, moving their flagship stores to Leicester. New complexes allowed for new cinema builds, cafes in the area and the newly refurbished Athena cinema. Alongside the regeneration project is the age old Highcross Leicester and Haymarket Shopping Centre, which make up the majority of Leicester's retail market.

Since the regeneration project is still in full swing you should consider looking out for new build projects or retailers who will soon be moving into one of the shopping centres. All new stores will require new employees and will accept applications well before the stores opening; if you see a retail space with information about a new store moving in soon, check out the stores website (or find their head office number from Google) and try to hand in an application soon.

Although the retail sector larger dominates Leicester city centre there are a few other industries operating in the area. The top employers in Leicester city centre are:

  • Next (Retail)
  • Benson Shoe (Retail)
  • John Cheatle (Retail)
  • Dunelm (Retail)
  • Viking Direct (Holdings - Retail)
  • Avenance Catering (Contract catering)
  • First Leisure Group (Leisure centres, i.e. Braunstone Leisure Centre)
  • Mark Jarvis (Licenced betting)
  • Leicester City Football Club (Football club)
  • Diamond Cable (Telecoms)
  • Jessop (Retail)
  • Petbridge (Retail)
  • WHS Smith (Retail - bookstores)
  • Leicester Creative Business Depot (Various industries - depot is used for offices and meeting places)


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