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If you are looking for some full and part time work in the UK you should check out CIP recruitment in Coventry, they could have something for you.

CIP are a leading provider of staffing services and are recognised as one of the most professional and respected companies in the market. They operate within special sectors like catering and hospitality, industrial and driving, events, commercial and retail which are sectors that require quite a number of personnel so you are sure to come across something that suits you.

These positions don't necessarily require you to have high qualifications so almost anyone has a good chance of getting work with CIP recruitment. One necessary thing that you will have to get is a prepared CV so the clients of the recruitment agency will know what your experience and skills are.

So now we have supplied you with a bit of a background on CIP and what they offer, we will now look at how to find jobs with them. There website www.ciprecruitment.net is a great place to start and it is very easy to use. On the left of the homepage they have a search engine so just enter in the sector you seek work  and the job type and it will supply you with any vacancies. There office in Coventry can be contacted by phone on 024 7622 5885.

Salaries that you can expect from CIP recruitment vary greatly because of the different sectors they are in but for an example their jobs in hospitality are normally between £20 and £30,000 per annum.

We hope this guide help's you a little bit and we wish you success with your job hunting.





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