Where to undertake Christmas volunteering

Over the festive period there may be many opportunities for Christmas volunteering, helping the homeless, the elderly or other groups of people in society. Many homeless hostels run throughout the year, but often additional hostels are set up around the festive period. These hostels are operated by volunteers, so you could partake in catering, preparation of rooms, give out clothing and toiletries and perform kitchen and cleaning tasks.

Many homeless charities also provide extra services such as hairdressing, music, life skills or educational lessons or medical services and will be looking for a variety of volunteers from many different backgrounds to undertake these tasks. You may have a great deal of experience in any of these areas or very little, but dedicating time to these worthy causes is always appreciated.

Other ways in which you could volunteer at Christmas is to sell merchandise to raise income for charities, make your own knitted products or bake cakes to sell. Volunteering at a local charity shop or a card shop or offer to sell festive cards to friends and family are all ways which you can help these charities.

Christmas can be a difficult time for some, the elderly, those who do not have family or friends or those who are unfortunate. Helplines such as ChildLine or the Samaritans require lots of volunteers to keep them running, particularly over the festive period. There are a plethora of ways to volunteer over Christmas and other ideas could include holding a Christmas fair or tombola to raise money for charity, visiting the elderly who maybe spending Christmas alone or just offering a befriending service to those who may need it.

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