How to get Christmas temp jobs

Many businesses have a significantly increased workload at Christmas. Consequently, temp jobs are plentiful at this time of year, and can be the perfect way to cover the expenses of the season.

Types of Job

The most common seasonal temporary job is in the retail industry. Shops are naturally busy over the Christmas season, with shoppers buying Christmas presents, exchanging unwanted gifts, spending gift cards and taking advantage of the Boxing Day sales.

Other industries also need Christmas-time workers. Bars, restaurants and clubs are busy with office parties and seasonal celebrations and, of course, the Post Office faces a hugely increased workload during this time of year.

If you happen to have a white beard and a belly like a bowl full of jelly, you might be uniquely qualified for a job as a department store Father Christmas!

Get Prepared

In addition to targeted application materials for specific opportunities, write a generic CV and cover letter. Emphasise your previous experience and willingness to do whatever is necessary to support the regular staff during the busy season.

Include an "Objective" section on your CV, which should state that you are looking for a Christmas temporary position.

How to Apply

There's a lot of truth to the saying "it's not what you know, it's who you know", so use your networking contacts to find the perfect temp opportunity. Speak with friends, relatives and neighbours to see if their workplace is hiring temporary staff. Ask your contacts to put in a good word for you. Find out the best person to contact, then submit a CV directly to that person, with a cover letter stating the name of the person you were referred by.

If you want to work in retail - and you don't have contacts to help you get a foot in the door - begin canvassing the stores you want to work for well in advance of Christmas. Identify the retailers that most appeal to you, then visit the shop in person during late October or early November.

Ask to speak with the manager and inquire about the hiring process. Check if the store will be hiring temporary employees over the Christmas period and when they expect to start hiring. Find out if you can fill out and submit an application form in advance, or if a better time exists for you to call back.

Follow up in late November if you haven't heard anything from the store. Remind them about the application you submitted and check if they have begun filling Christmas temp jobs. Emphasise the reasons you want to work for their particular store. Highlight that you are reliable, dependable, and flexible about schedules.


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