Places to check out for Christmas jobs in Manchester

Fancy getting off your butt this Christmas and using your free time to earn a little extra cash? Christmas is the time of year when the retail sector kicks into overdrive, meaning a host of brilliant temporary jobs becoming available. In this blog, we are going to aid your search for these jobs in Manchester as we provide a little inspiration for where to search for Christmas jobs in Manchester.

With advertising for most temp Christmas jobs beginning in October, it is vital to get your application in early so you don't miss out on the action. A brilliant starting point on your temp job search for Christmas is the Arndale Shopping Centre in Manchester, which is home to over 240 different retail outlets. You can check for job openings online at manchesterarndale.com/jobs.aspx. Nearly all of these stores will be seeking Christmas staff, so this site is a brilliant resource.

Another site that we heartily recommend you check out is one focused on temp jobs, and it even has a section specifically focused on Christmas Jobs. That site is justjobs4students.co.uk and as the name suggests, it specialises in temp jobs for students, or even for people just looking ot earn a little extra money on the side. It is well worth checking out in the run up to Christmas for any available openings.

Another fantastic site to check out to gather info on temp positions in Manchester is Manchester's Gumtree page at gumtree.com/manchester. It is the perfect resource for a temp job hunt.


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