Where to find the best Christmas jobs for students

Thinking of taking up a job to earn you a few extra pounds for Christmas? December is often the most expensive month of the year for people, so taking on a temporary Christmas job is a brilliant idea. As companies are busy at this time of year, there are always openings. In this blog, we are going to suggest a few brilliant places to check out for Christmas jobs for students, so lets have a look.

A number of companies are generally seen as old reliables for Christmas employment as they enjoy their busiest periods in December. The first of these is high street giant Boots, and you can find their Christmas Jobs section at www.boots.jobs/christmas/. Boots take on thousands of staff each December, so check them out and snag a brilliant job for yourself!

The Royal Mail are another company woh need a plethora of staff each December, and you can check out their temp job page at www2.royalmail.com/royal-mail-jobs. Generally, the royal Mail will start recruiting quite early for December as they will have to provide some training to ease you in. If you don't like early mornings, then best leave this job!

As these roles are casual in nature, we highly recommend checking out what Gumtree can offer at www.gumtree.com/seasonal/christmas-jobs/. For a temporary position, often companies won't shell out the money required to post their job online, so they will put it on Gumtree. There is also a lot to be said for pounding the streets with C.V's come September/October to see what is out there! Best of luck!

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