Where to Look for Christmas Jobs for 2013 in Wolverhampton

Whether you’re a student who will be back for the festive period or a mother or father trying to get some additional cash for the most expensive holiday season of the year, you will have to get in quick to get the best Christmas jobs for 2013 in Wolverhampton won't wait for you.

Royal Mail

You probably won’t be surprised to learn that more workers are needed by the Royal Mail over the Christmas period. Nationwide the festive period creates around 130 million postal items so the Royal Mail open around 18,000 temporary jobs each December. A Christmas job in one of Wolverhampton's 168 post offices is best suited to someone who’s punctual and very reliable.


Supermarkets always have Christmas jobs for 2013 in Wolverhampton, so they are the country’s next biggest employer over the festive period. Each major supermarket chain employs more staff through December, as an example for the 2012 Christmas period Sainsbury’s employed 15,000 extra members of staff across their 1,000 stores.


Other retail roles that occur at Christmas time do so in the high street at places like The Wulfrun Centre in the heart of the city centre. Argos are a major employer over the Christmas period. Across the country they hire around 12,000 extra members of staff for the shop floor and backroom areas in the lead up to Christmas so there will be extra jobs in their Wulfrun Square shop and their store in Bentley Bridge Way, as well as stores in nearby Cannock and Walsall.

Final Word

As December approaches shops and restaurants will advertise jobs in their window, but you shouldn't leave it too late. Along with websites like fish4.co.uk and uktemps.co.uk that list temporary Christmas jobs for 2013 in Wolverhampton, you should also check your local newspapers like expressandstar.com and birminghammail.co.uk as they also list temp jobs for the festive season.

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